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    Tea & Your Health

    What Is Your Tea Doing to You & Your Health? Tea is wonderful when it’s enjoyed in moderation, just like anything else in your daily diet. And even though tea offers many health benefits, there are some hidden dangers that many people may not realize are also a reality. Before you decide to warm up your teapot, here are some considerations that you might like to know about. Is It Good to Drink Tea Every Day? Drinking tea in moderate amounts (about 2-3 cups per day) can be a healthy habit and contributes to daily fluid intake. However, the benefits and potential risks can depend on the type of tea…

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    What is Decaf Coffee

    We don’t often talk about coffee enough these days for so many reasons, but many people are starting to question decaf coffee brands these days. That leaves many of us wondering how decaf coffee is made, so we’re providing our best answer to give you a better understanding. The results might give you more reason to select decaf coffee brands based on what we’ve found from this curious inquiry. What is decaf coffee? If you’ve ever been to your local diner, you’ll likely see that familiar orange brimmed coffee carafe and instinctively know it’s the decaf stuff. We certainly know a thing or two about tea but many of us…

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    Coffee & Tea History – Which is Better?

    Coffee has been enjoyed for nearly as long as tea, but there is an obvious timeline of when it first appeared as a prepared drink. The exact date is often muddied but most coffee historians will agree that coffee beans were first discovered in Ethiopia. It did increase in popularity through trade and was primarily an Arabic drink that began to become incredibly popular in the 15th century. Where did coffee and tea originate? Proof of imported coffee comes from the port of Mocha located in Yemen. All throughout Arabia at that time were the first to praise the benefits of drinking coffee. Their coffee houses were commonly known as…

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    Is Decaf Tea Better?

    Drinking tea is undeniably a British commitment, so there is little room for asking a Brit if they prefer their tea without caffeine. It’s a little bit similar to sitting on an exercise bicycle with a blindfold and trying to convince yourself that you’re riding in the park. If that doesn’t give you an idea if decaf tea is better, you might want to learn which teas are better for you than others. Why tea brands use different decaffeination methods Just as a spoiler alert, not every brand of tea uses the same decaffeination method. Unlike coffee beans, tea will start to lose its flavor if it comes in contact…