Abu dhabi City tour



Are you planning a trip or a tour to Abu Dhabi? but are confused about whether you should visit it or not and are also worried about whom you should book your trip with? We are here for you. We provide Abu Dhabi City Tour at affordable prices. As you already know Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the UAE and is the best city to visit at least once in your life. Our city tour is luxurious and has a very friendly environment. As you already know Abu Dhabi is a luxurious city and has a lot of places that you must visit. People anywhere from the world always want to visit Abu Dhabi because of its luxuriousness and because of its beauty. Abu Dhabi is one of the most expensive cities that exist on this planet. Abu Dhabi is as traditional as it is luxurious. There are many places that people love in Abu Dhabi. We also provide the Abu Dhabi city tour deals so that you can have the tour at reasonable prices and that saves you a lot of money for sure. You must be thinking about why you should choose us. let us tell you more about our Abu Dhabi city tour details.

Our Abu Dhabi city tour cost starts from 100 AED (USD 28$) in which we provide a good and luxurious tour. Our Abu Dhabi city tour package is much reasonable than others. We provide a luxurious pick up from your hotel in Dubai or Sharjah in a 4×4 wheel car and we tell you about the historic places of Abu Dhabi and let you know everything about it on the way to city tour and our very first spot is drive-through from the Abu Dhabi Yas island so you can enjoy the Abu Dhabi City Tour + Ferrari world and the thrilling activities that will be taking place in Ferrari world. Our second spot is the brilliant Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque as you already know that it is the world’s 4th largest mosque that exists in Abu Dhabi and it is as stunning from the inside as it is from outside. You can explore and see the interior that is reflecting and showing the Islamic and Arabic culture. After that we let you enjoy the drive-through from the Abu Dhabi corniche so you can see and appreciate the beauty of 8km perfect stretch of waterfront close. Abu Dhabi Corniche is a beach with clean water that you will see and explore. Abu Dhabi Corniche is one of the famous beaches of Abu Dhabi and after that, you will explore the great and luxurious emirates palace and see how perfectly it is structured. Emirates Palace is a luxurious hotel that is also an official chateau of Abu Dhabi ruling government and the next stop is Etihad towers. Etihad towers are also known as the landmark of this luxurious city Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi city tour also includes the stop at the luxurious mall of the Abu Dhabi called Marinara mall and you can also take it as a dinner break so you can enjoy and experience eating at the luxurious restaurant of the mall. Our Abu Dhabi city tour also includes a visit to the museum where you can see some historic statues and things and explore the adventurous museum completely and it will surely make your tour more adventurous. These are just the highlights of the Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai or Sharjah. There is more to explore when you book us. Explore the Abu Dhabi attractions with us. We also provide the private Abu Dhabi city tour in case some people don’t want to go with the crowd and experience the tour with their friends or family. Book the Abu Dhabi city tour from anywhere now just by visiting our website and experience and explore the luxurious city Abu Dhabi with us in reasonable and affordable prices.


  •  Drive through the Abu Dhabi city so you can enjoy the amazing attractions of this luxurious city while sitting in a 4×4 wheel car.
  •  A visit to the world’s 4th largest mosque – Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque so you can explore and experience the Arabic and Islamic culture.
  •  A visit to heritage valley so you can experience the ancient lifestyle of the luxurious city Abu Dhabi
  •  A luxurious and interesting drive to the Abu Dhabi corniche so you experience and adventure more.
  •  A luxurious visit to the Emirates places, Ferrari world, and Etihad tower so you can experience the adventurous, traditional and luxurious lifestyle of the city Abu Dhabi.