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An emotional touch to your life brought to you by the changing media stylization

As the basic human behavior says, a man can easily forget something he had enjoyed or laughed with, but one cannot forget the emotion he had gone through. That’s right. Emotion is one of the most essential elements of our lives. And we live thousands of emotions, every day. We laugh, we cry, we get upset, we get angry. And that’s how we are different from the rest of the living world.

Looking at today’s advertising scenario in India, it can be said that emotion plays the most significant role. Be it the viral videos of a fashion product, or be it raising awareness about child abuse, unless and until the advertisement directly hits the hearts of the viewers, it will not break the clutter and will just remain as an insignificant part of the crowd. So what’s the point of conveying a message when there is no one to hear or no one to give attention to. Thus, in order to make a place in a million hearts, it is necessary to convey the message with tender emotions and of course a pinch of thoughtfulness.
Pick any thoughtful advertising campaign of recent times and look at the responses of the mass. Be it on the internet or the television, be it on the radio or the print medium, people are absolutely going crazy about these ad campaigns. Millions of likes, billions of shares and unaccountable comments – truly, the pinch of emotions works like a drug on the minds of the viewers.   
There was an era when people used to love things which are “larger than life”. However, things have changed over the years. Now people are more connected to something that portrays “slice of life.” The box office success of movies like ‘Piku’ and ‘Barfi’ says it all. Thanks to the renowned advertising agencies like – Ogilvy & Mather, JWT or Lowe Lintas, which have always chosen ‘emotion’ over ‘mock-ups’ through their marvelous creative work. 

We don’t deny that advertisement sometimes irritates you, especially when it desperately comes between you and your favorite movies, but if it is good enough to watch and appreciate, I guess there is no harm to watch it once. Isn’t it?

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